PICC – An Incredible Journey

Greetings, my friends! I have begun a new segment in SmallChange-HugeProfits. It is Called The Incredible Journey. No, I didn’t come up with this name. This name already exists on tij.tv from Australia where Gary Kent hosts his series of wonderful videos. He takes viewers on a journey across the world. Sometimes telling the historical […]

Sacrificed on the Altar of Convenience

I could barely see to drive through my tears. As I left Planned Parenthood, with the knowledge that I was indeed pregnant, I was crying because I knew I had no choices. I knew my husband of four months was not ready to start a family and that he would insist on abortion; it simply […]

The Body of Christ in the Face of Crisis

There is a MESSAGE for the Unbeliever and a Strong MESSAGE for the Church in this time of the pandemic. This is the time the Body of Christ should SHINE. There are darkness and death all around us… it has touched many of us. What is more important is that the Body of Christ begins […]

Past the Pain

With love to my Lord Jesus MJ Johnson Past the Pain When your heart is truly broken, When you can’t see past the pain, When the rain is thick and heavy, And the thunder rolls again, Remember…. There was a man who’s heart was broken, In a garden feeling pain, And His heart was feeling […]

Masks for Protection

PICC is always finding ways to be of service to the community … and quite frankly, to this nation. With everything that is going on with this COVID – 19 pandemic, we are finding great opportunities to Serve Christ by Serving Others.  This is in step with our PHASE V Campaign for 2020: PHASE V […]

Job – The Bible Project

This is our 3rd in the Series of the Wisdom Books. The Bible Project really lays each one out in a way that young adults as well as older learners can understand. Watch our overview video on the book of Job, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. […]

Ecclesiastes – The Bible Project

Ecclesiastes is the second of the three biblical wisdom books. In this book we hear the skeptical voice of “the teacher.” He observes that living by the book of Proverbs doesn’t always bring positive results. Sometimes life is hard and defies neat explanations. How do you live with that tension, and still strive for wisdom? […]


The Book of Proverbs, is one of three in the “Wisdom Series” created by The Bible Project. This is an effective and a cool way to learn the Books of the Bible and the themes represented in each book. The Bible Project covers many themes that are relevant to today’s way of life and the […]


  With Love to Jesus, MJ Johnson Elements   There is a stream of water given freely from the Lord, It washes all it touches with His Blood and Holy Word. It is free from all diseases of the mind and heart and soul, And it gently caresses entire lives and makes them whole.   […]

All I heard was “BREAKFAST!” Pt. 2 – My Story

Let’s get you caught up, just in case you haven’t read Pt. 1 D.N.A. of a P.K. Click image: There were those times I sat down and began to muse over my life and its meaning; from time to time, God would come up in the equation. Where exactly did He fit in? While wandering […]