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Knowledge Is Power


Whether you are nineteen or a hundred and nineteen, you’ve still got lots to learn. Even if you’re very wise, God isn’t finished with you yet, and He isn’t finished teaching you important lessons about life here on earth and life eternal.

God does not intend for you to be a stagnant believer. Far from it! God wants you to continue growing as a person and as a Christian every day that you live. And make no mistake: both spiritual and intellectual growth are possible during every stage of life.

Are you a curious Christian who has committed yourself to the regimen of regular Bible study, or do you consult your Bible on a hit-or-miss basis? The answer to this question will be an indication of the extent to which you allow God to direct the course of your life.

As a spiritual being, you have the potential to grow in your personal knowledge of the Lord every day that you live. You can do so through prayer, through worship, through an openness to God’s Holy Spirit, and through careful study of God’s Holy Word. Your Bible contains powerful prescriptions for everyday living. If you sincerely seek to walk with God, you should commit yourself to the thoughtful study of His teachings.

Do you seek to live a life of righteousness and wisdom? If so, you must continue to study the ultimate source of wisdom: the Word of God. You must associate, day in and day out, with godly men and women. And, you must act in accordance with your beliefs.

When you study God’s Word and live according to His commandments, you will become wise… and you will serve as a shining example to your friends, to your family, and to the world.


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                                            Sir Francis Bacon


Never stop learning. Think of it like this: when you’re through learning, you’re through.


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