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We Walk By Faith… Not By Sight

Father, deepen the magnitude of our spiritual intimacy, intensity, and influence upon the world around us by guiding our lives and growing our faith through Your Word. We yield our lives to You for that end. Father we thank You for the gift of saving faith. Enlighten and enable us through Your Spirit to function and flourish in complete reliance and trust. Help us to express an intense and influential faith that reflects Your life, for Your glory. Amen.

The word faith flows easily from our lips as followers of Christ. Downloading it into the details of life is the challenge. Understanding what it is and how it functions will help flesh faith out before a world that is hopeless without Christ.

Dissecting spiritual faith reveals it is more than an assumption based on wishful thinking. Faith is an assurance convinced that God’s promises are so trustworthy that we can base our lives upon them. It does not depend upon the circumstances one can see, but upon the certainty of God’s truth one believes. It gives the present tense grind of life a future and security to hold onto-and a reason to remain steadfast.

True faith believes and receives. It saves and satisfies because: Faith has confidence that every promise of God will be fulfilled. Faith has courage that despite what we suffer in this world, we can remain faithful because we will be glorified forever in the next. Faith has a conviction of spiritual things becoming reality even though there is no visible verification. Faith has a comprehension of an invisible, spiritual world that is more real than the visible, natural world. Faith has a commitment that continuously learns and conspicuously lives in light of Christ’s lordship. Faith has a contentment that the future God has promised is so sure, we can patiently rest in the present.

Every believer wants to experience and enjoy spiritual vitality and victory. All of the spiritual blessings in the Lord Jesus flow from the dynamic of a supernatural faith that trusts in and relies on God. True faith renounces self-dependence, embraces God, and enjoys a fulfilling fellowship with a loving God who is please with those who live by faith.


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