God Hears and He speaks!

Please understand something here. I am not sharing this for any personal glory. I asked the Lord to help me to share this for His glory, with humility for the purpose to encourage all who read this. God is indeed ready to listen to your heart. He will in His way respond to you. Just be expectant and receptive. He Hears and He Speaks!

God Speaks! Sometimes Audibly! Like the post I published yesterday on PICC’s sister blog,,

‘Then you will call and I will answer you.’ Part I

I started the article with these words, “This is POWERFUL! God will actually listen to us when we call upon Him! Wow! How Awesome is this?” (Part II was published after this) God gave me this to share.

Many naysayers, unbelievers, agnostics, and atheists maybe wondering, “What foolishness is she about to spill here?” WARNING! This is not going to be for everyone! But for those who dare to press on to Trust God.

I was up at 4am this particular morning doing a much needed devotion. I remember after jotting down several things (not a few) in a journal I began to talk to God. I poured out my heart to Him. There were just so many things I talked with Him about and I expected help from Him. I asked Him to speak to me in some way that I might know His will.

I fell to sleep around 6:30am. In a dream I went to the Post Office. When I arrived, I saw the Post Master sitting in a booth to my right about 15 feet away. As I tended to what I was there for, the Post Master began speaking to me about everything I spoke to the Lord about in devotion. EVERYTHING! I would not look at the man, but he was in my peripheral vision. I was in shock that he knew and he addressed all of it! At the same time the comfort and assurance this gave me was nothing short of Amazing! Tears began to well up in my eyes, and I realized that I was in a partial state of sleep and being awake.


I slowly began a journey from the partial sleep to full awake but I would not open my tear-filled eyes. I was still hearing the words! I had left the tv on a station that I hardly ever watched. Get this… the words that I was hearing were Audible! The words I was hearing in my half sleep state were from a speaker that if I was fully awake I would have turned off. God knew this and He caused a sleep to fall over me in order that I received His message to me! My God! My God!

Aside from God’s assurance that He heard my prayers, He taught me that He will send a message to us through the vessel of His choosing. It is up to us to be willing to receive it. This happened to me, May 18, 2017 at 7:05am.

I encourage everyone upon the reading of this, go to God with your heart and bare all to Him. One thing I have practiced over time, and the Lord has taught me years ago, this life is not about me. It’s about putting Him first and others next. He has assured me and demonstrated that when I live this way He will take care of my needs. In this case it will be no different. God has let me know… He Got This!

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