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Heaven’s Gift – Jesus

It looks bad around us…keep your heart in JESUS!!


Blessed night, so many years ago gone by, 
God looked upon mere man and felt his need
To be redeemed of sin that bound him tight
And sent a babe our pressing sins to free

His birth was unpretentious in all ways –
No claim of pomp and circumstance was made,
Now unprotesting He held the Father’s gaze
This precious babe in Heaven’s light arrayed

This newborn, soft, angelic, and so sweet.
Who lay asleep with downy head so soft
Could not have known The need He came to meet
Was unaware of sins unyielding cost

This babe has come to bring all men new hope,
To open Heaven, upon this Holy Night,
As Angels sing on this celestial globe
With God’s own Son now bringing all men life.

So let us fall on bended knee and pray
We worship long before this King tonight
And give all praise to Him this Christmas Day.
Who bore our sins to give us Heaven’s light.

To Jesus With Love
MJ Johnson

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