In His ServiceInspirational




He gives me joy, and brings me rest
As in His arms I settle in,
Then calms my storms and stills my heart,
Freed from the cost of deadly sin.

He feels each pain that often settles –
He’s walked before me all the way.
Each jar and jolt that tears my body,
And turns my night to brightest day.

He knows each moment of aloneness
When I reach out to touch a soul.
When all I want is sweet companion
To fill my heart and make me whole.

He knows my state of dread and worry,
As I walk this way apart –
From all the evil that surrounds me, 
From souls without His human heart.

In my despair He loves completely 
Filling me with Heaven’s store
He covers me with His protection
My Lord, my God, forevermore!

With Love to Jesus, MJ Johnson in His Service



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