P.I.C.C., Inc. Fathers Day Honoree

A Loving and Giving man; Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Friend.

From a young age, Tim has prided himself on helping others. In his early 20’s he attempted to enlist in the military to serve his country, but was turned away due to having too many dependents. He later joined the emergency medical services, helping people in their greatest time of need. Over time this became very trying on him, especially when seeing small children sick or injured and carrying them to the hospital, sometimes not making it in time.

Years later he moved to a small town with a failing EMS consisting of only three (3) EMTs. He saw a need in the community and with help, he and several other citizens of the town became certified as EMTs and EMT-Intermediates to provide the town with sufficient coverage.

He served as President of the EMS for a couple of years, until moving to another city. Due to an injury, he was retired at a young age. That however led him to be more involved in his youngest children’s lives and education. He volunteered at the Elementary school and was the Room Parent for his daughter’s class. Living across the street from the school, he was always available for a quick call from the teacher to go read to the class, administer reading tests, or fill in while the teacher had meetings or appointments. He was at the school so much, and the ladies in the cafeteria became so accustomed to him helping out, that they gave him free lunches. Every day he would walk (or drive in bad weather) his youngest children to school and walk back in the afternoon to be there and walk them home.

After moving to the Metroplex, Tim quickly learned that the schools were not the same. His son had a teacher who openly told the class that she was Athiest and did not believe in God. In school, the children were not allowed to say “Merry Christmas” as it was not culturally appropriate. The curriculum being taught was sub-standard and he made the decision to begin home schooling his two youngest children, which he continues today. Those children are very close to graduating in the next couple of months, his son before the age of 16.

Tim has always been and continues to be willing to give a helping hand to friends, family, and neighbors. He frequently assists the neighbors with handy-man chores that they are unable to do themselves; takes them to appointments or to run errands. Sometimes picking up items they needed when he made his trips to the store. He has helped to instill those work and social ethics into his youngest son who is now taking the reigns and even building a business for himself at his young age.

I am blessed to have a husband that is not only an outstanding husband, father, and friend in our own family, but also to his community!

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

This article was entered in the PICC PHASE IV – PICC-A-First Responder challenge. P.I.C.C., Inc. has chosen Tim to be the 2019 Fathers Day Honoree. A very nice Omaha Steaks Combo has been selected for Tim. Hmmmm good! Enjoy on us!

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