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With Love to Jesus, MJ Johnson



There is a stream of water given freely from the Lord,

It washes all it touches with His Blood and Holy Word.

It is free from all diseases of the mind and heart and soul,

And it gently caresses entire lives and makes them whole.



And it’s now that Satan shudders in beholding streams of life,

That the power in this water protects us all from daily strife.

So he collects muddy water as he wonders to and fro

In his never ending battle to contaminate with woe.



Natural laws at work will tell you that like elements combine…

Forgetting that God’s water has His blood, each day, entwined.

And though we struggle to distinguish, the muddy from the clear,

It is His blood that is the barrier…if we, in faith, draw near.



Photo by Paul Lequay on Unsplash

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