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Machu Picchu: Inca Mountain Fortress

Today, the ancient mountain city of Machu Picchu is shrouded in mystery. Built by the Incas sometime in the middle of the 15th century, it was only occupied for about 100 years – and then the people vanished. For centuries, we knew nothing about the existence of this place. The city lay undiscovered – hidden from the world – for almost 400 years until an American historian stumbled across it in 1911. What, exactly, is the meaning of this place? Why did the Incas originally build it?


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Make certain to take time to watch and listen to the entire short movie. King Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui wanted to give up the pagan worship of the sun-god but was faced with the opposition of the priests who did not want to tell the common people they were wrong for years. So they had a council meeting and came to a compromise: the upper-class people could worship the God of the Bible but let the lower-class commoners continue their pagan worship. UNBELIEVABLE!


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You would be surprised to learn that at one time prior to the foundation of the Inca empire, records compiled by a Spanish priest named Cristobal de Molina indicate that some of the people abandoned the belief in the sun-god and introduced the worship of the God of creation.


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