Backbone of Communities-Small Businesses

It is a fact that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, beginning on the local level. Communities thrive when we support the small business entrepreneurs around us. These are always the hardest hit when something goes wrong in our fiscal and financial economic systems. Remember the housing crisis in 2007? The housing market’s subprime lending peaked in 2005-06 followed by a resounding crash the following year. Families were devastated who had bought into the A.R.M. loans pushed by this market. The effects hit close to home for so many of us.

The trickle down effect included but was not limited, families having to move from communities that was structured and positioned to support its businesses and schools . We all witnessed across the nation small businesses closings and schools having to restructure because of the massive moves of students leaving schools and going to area schools that had not been prepared to receive them. Many people lost jobs in these institutions because of cutbacks and closings. Unemployment soared!

It is a known fact that the backbone of our economy and democracy heavily relies upon how well the middle-class does (small businesses). Thinking of our actual backbone and what it does for the whole body… we cannot do without its support. We must do all we can to keep it healthy and thriving. Let’s do all that we can to help promote the companies that keep our communities growing.


Since the major population of any country will fall into this category , the overall Business , Money and Market everything revolves around this group of people . They struggle a lot to grow to the next category and not to fall down as well . They form the working band and from there only many scholars are born.


SCHP, will from time to time feature a small business on the blog. In any way that we can, let’s help to promote the businesses across this nation. Surely, there will be people in the areas who may need the type of service a company provides.



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