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In Your Presence

Bring me new into Your presence Bring me new unto Your Throne Give Your strength, Lord, as my essence This sweet perfume to call my own.   This daily walk though never ending Winds through hills to mountain base And As I climb it even higher Soon I’m standing at it’s face.   On my […]

Machu Picchu: Inca Mountain Fortress

Today, the ancient mountain city of Machu Picchu is shrouded in mystery. Built by the Incas sometime in the middle of the 15th century, it was only occupied for about 100 years – and then the people vanished. For centuries, we knew nothing about the existence of this place. The city lay undiscovered – hidden […]

Forgiveness & Restoration

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE GOD’s FORGIVENESS & RESTORATION This one is gleaned from Gary Kent’s series of videos called ‘The Incredible Journey’ which can be found on Gary has given me explicit permission to use his work on the PICC and SCHP blogs. This gives the blogs a little Australian flair as it drives home to […]

An Encounter-Prompted Radical Praise!

I just want to share an encounter that I believe will impact our walk as the Body of Christ and the People In Charge of Change. After my niece, Christian got home from work on 2/10/2021, she wanted me to take her to the grocery store. It was around 10pm. I sat in the car… […]

The Body of Christ in the Face of Crisis

There is a MESSAGE for the Unbeliever and a Strong MESSAGE for the Church in this time of the pandemic. This is the time the Body of Christ should SHINE. There are darkness and death all around us… it has touched many of us. What is more important is that the Body of Christ begins […]

Past the Pain

With love to my Lord Jesus MJ Johnson Past the Pain When your heart is truly broken, When you can’t see past the pain, When the rain is thick and heavy, And the thunder rolls again, Remember…. There was a man who’s heart was broken, In a garden feeling pain, And His heart was feeling […]


  With Love to Jesus, MJ Johnson Elements   There is a stream of water given freely from the Lord, It washes all it touches with His Blood and Holy Word. It is free from all diseases of the mind and heart and soul, And it gently caresses entire lives and makes them whole.   […]


COMPLETE He gives me joy, and brings me restAs in His arms I settle in,Then calms my storms and stills my heart,Freed from the cost of deadly sin. He feels each pain that often settles –He’s walked before me all the way.Each jar and jolt that tears my body,And turns my night to brightest day. […]

Whose Reflection Are You?

MJ Johnson, In His Service REFLECTION Lord help me be a light for You, In all I do and say, Let me reflect Your countenance  In each and every day. Teach me to live my life for You, In purity of heart, No hold on earth and earthly things, Each day a new, fresh start. […]

Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close In happy times I thank You, And feel strength beyond my own. And when my heart is breaking, I know I’m not alone. In discouragement as I struggle, And it settles like a cloud, Then I come in prayer before You, In Your presence meekly bow. For our feelings are such wispy […]