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Machu Picchu: Inca Mountain Fortress

Today, the ancient mountain city of Machu Picchu is shrouded in mystery. Built by the Incas sometime in the middle of the 15th century, it was only occupied for about 100 years – and then the people vanished. For centuries, we knew nothing about the existence of this place. The city lay undiscovered – hidden […]

Forgiveness & Restoration

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE GOD’s FORGIVENESS & RESTORATION This one is gleaned from Gary Kent’s series of videos called ‘The Incredible Journey’ which can be found on Gary has given me explicit permission to use his work on the PICC and SCHP blogs. This gives the blogs a little Australian flair as it drives home to […]

PICC – An Incredible Journey

Greetings, my friends! I have begun a new segment in SmallChange-HugeProfits. It is Called The Incredible Journey. No, I didn’t come up with this name. This name already exists on from Australia where Gary Kent hosts his series of wonderful videos. He takes viewers on a journey across the world. Sometimes telling the historical […]