Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth is the newest addition to PICC blog-o-sphere. Publications from this category will include various contributors and columnists. Our goal is to touch on several topics and peak the interest of the readers to want more… to whet the appetite for viewers to research God’s Word for fundamental truths of the Faith.


We will provide scripture text to correspond with comments. We will take care to include citations to reference sources of whom materials we use. This will help readers to experience God’s Word for themselves on the topics. We hope these articles will whet the appetite for the reader in such a way that he/she will dig further into God’s Word. That is the objective.


Going forward, each publication under this category will be listed on this page. This will make navigating the topics easier. Also important to note, these articles will be published as pages and not posts. They will not flood inboxes. Pages are accessed directly from the blog… or if individuals are connected to PICC on Facebook. (in some cases direct email for select groups)


First publication for Moments of Truth: Good Works Will Not Produce Salvation

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Come Grow With Us! The acts of kindness we do are made possible
with the support of those who believe that we are the People In Charge of Change.

It is incumbent upon us to find opportunities to Serve Christ by Serving Others.  With much prayer and outreach, we can bring healing to the hurting, rest for the weary, bring encouragement to the fearful and salvation to many sin-sick souls.  This is in step with our PHASE V Campaign for 2020: PHASE V – Let’s Strive to Serve Christ by Serving Others!

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