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Small Change - Huge Profits

Hi There! Welcome to Small Change-Huge Profits. I know, by the sound of the name, you’re probably thinking, HUGE profits? Well, yes. In a way this blog does help individuals to profit from each other. SCHP offers opportunities for people of all backgrounds to cross over barriers in order to learn and benefit from one another by sharing knowledge, talents, gifts, skills, and loads of laughter and fun!

Small Change-Huge Profits is the sister blog to People In Charge of Change, also known as PICC. www.peopleinchargeofchange.com. It is a call-to-action blog, bringing people together from across the nation for the purpose of encouraging them to change what’s wrong in their local communities, showing Christian love and engaging in acts of kindness.

We thought it would be a good idea to give PICC more community presence in the blog-o-sphere and the Social Network sites. Now SCHP has its own satellite page to point others to the blog. The Facebook site is named Small Change-Huge Profits. We have made it a public group to be more inclusive in order that members can encourage and be encouraged by others. It is definitely that place many can come to and share all sorts of ideas, creativities, and stories that aim to bridge hearts together over great divides. By observing what is happening around this country and the world… we are certain you would agree, this is a much needed task. Contribute your articles, videos, crafts, recipes, jokes, stories, and inspiring writings/scripture as your heart leads you. provisions59@gmail.com or send private message.

Let Small Change-Huge Profits be that place you can come to have a small part in CHANGE that can render HUGE PROFITS. Thanks

Rochelle Indo, Founder of P.I.C.C., Inc. and Small Change-Huge Profits

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