MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yes! We can say Merry Christmas. In this Nation we have the freedom to say those words. Never believe otherwise. Young people are being taught in this ‘Politically Correct’ culture that saying certain things to some people will be offensive to them so it is better to not say them at all. But is that freedom of speech? Of course it isn’t. Most level-headed logical and caring individuals are not aiming to offend anyone with a Greeting!   In honesty, we do not find very many people getting angry about others greeting them during the Christmas Holiday. Only the purveyors of division and those who wish to suppress the freedom of the people, will impress this claim. PC police are everywhere. We will not allow them to take away our freedom of speech and religion. We will not fall short of being courteous to everyone in the Spirit of our Lord.


We can even celebrate the African American holiday called Kwanzaa. Though not a religious holiday, Kwanzaa, established by Ron Karenga in 1966, main focus is to reconnect black Americans to their African heritage. It is very rich in its message to people of all ethnic backgrounds.  Its days of observance is from December 26th to January 1st.  Kwanzaa is a Swahili term meaning “first-fruits,” based on an African harvest celebration.

Mirroring the African celebration, Kwanzaa has 7 principles (one for each day): Umoja=unity, Kujichagulia=self-determination, Ujima=collective work and responsibility, Ujamaa=cooperative economics, Nia=Purpose, Kuumba=creativity, and Imani=faith  All these are good things, right?

Here’s a little ‘less than’ 4 minute video about the basics of this special Jewish Celebration. Enjoy!