Talk to God

Effective prayer occurs when you talk to God and listen to what God is saying to you. When a need arises today, talk to God about it. Upon the authority of God’s Word, when you are sick, request your spiritual leaders to pray over you. Prayer should be your first choice, not your last. Something […]

It Matters to Me About You

“In the early part of 1982 I had exhausted every effort to find a much needed job. I felt like giving up. Many of my friends were getting jobs left and right. But it seemed I just could not land that position I wanted. Yes, I wanted a position instead of a job. I had recently given my life to […]

Then You Will Call and I will Listen to You Pt 2

“Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you” Jeremiah 29:12 Moments of greatness are experienced in prayer and from prayer. The great word given in our passage today follows a promise that God will give you a future and a hope. Knowing that God will […]

God Hears and He speaks!

Please understand something here. I am not sharing this for any personal glory. I asked the Lord to help me to share this for His glory, with humility for the purpose to encourage all who read this. God is indeed ready to listen to your heart. He will in His way respond to you. Just […]

We Walk By Faith… Not By Sight

Father, deepen the magnitude of our spiritual intimacy, intensity, and influence upon the world around us by guiding our lives and growing our faith through Your Word. We yield our lives to You for that end. Father we thank You for the gift of saving faith. Enlighten and enable us through Your Spirit to function […]

HOMELAND – America

By Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point   Our nation needs our prayers. Keep this Prayer For America in your Bible as a reminder to pray. Pray for the elected leaders in office as they guide our nation, and for the hearts of citizens, that we would all seek the Lord with our hearts and honor […]


Verse 1 There’s a lot of people talkin’ ’bout people Lookin’ down at everybody actin’ like they’re sittin’ on a steeple Keepin’ all their own faults locked up in a big vault Forgettin’ that God don’t need a combination to see it all Raise your hand if you ain’t ever done nothing wrong, that’s what […]

Current Events – God’s Lessons

Current events can be the greatest opportunities for lessons from God. Recently, Susan had found herself in a situation (which quite frankly was a recurring one) where she was expected to step in to do the job of a co-worker who went on a week’s vacation. To make it plain; Susan did that person’s work as well as […]

Understanding Grace & Truth

We have heard the word Grace used over and over again. Many times without getting a full understanding of the word. The use of it has become so commonplace that others just join in the chorus. Its a fact, that God has given us grace. But there is an assumption that people just get it; that they naturally understand […]

Then You will Call and I will Listen to You Pt. 1

This is Part 3 in the Prayer Series… It has two parts to it. Here is part one. This is POWERFUL! God will actually listen to us when we call upon Him! Wow! How Awesome is this? Often… and all too often people quote this one scripture an inspirational speaker or preacher (some prosperity package dealers) […]